Creative Arts


Chapel Hill strives to use drama to enhance the worship experience and add a surprise to our services from time to time.  Through the use of our gifts and talents in music, drama or media, we engage the heart of God and enhance the transformational message of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to consider joining the arts and music teams of our church.  If you have a talent and passion for singing or playing an instrument, we have a place for you.  If you love to dance, act or paint, we would love to see your gift from God expressed throughout the church.  If you love to produce and create media that engages the hearts and minds of people and draw them closer in their journey with God, we would invite you to join our team. 

 Activities include short skits, a dramatic flare to the Christmas cantata with actors dramatizing the message and children’s plays at Christmas.

 We also sponsored an “Old Fashioned Day” with dress-up and dinner recently, the church’s drama department is an integral  part of life at Chapel Hill.  Please contact Linda Johnson to express your God given talent during any of our worship services.