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Our project for March is South Sudan; however we will actually have a presentation by Boo and Phyllis Hankins on Sunday morning April 17th. Boo Hankins was the District Superintendent prior to Fred Dearing.  The Holston Conference continues to send mission teams to South Sudan and many positive things are happening despite the continued conflict in this war-torn young nation. Children at two orphanages are getting libraries, the 20 pastors serving UMC congregations in South Sudan will be getting a new training center, the city of Yei has been receiving help to train their police force and there is a program underway to improve health screening for children. There is more on South Sudan on the mission bulletin board. We will take up a collection on Sunday April 17th for South Sudan. Fred and Libby Dearing are in South Sudan and Fred is continuing as the District Superintendent.



ARK SINGERS – The Ark Singers came to Chapel Hill on Sunday Feb 14th and presented a wonderful concert! Despite the ongoing war in Donetsk, the Ark Singers continue to serve the children and the poor and proclaim the Gospel. Their faith is unshaken despite the challenges they face each day in their ministry. Thanks to your generosity, $2085 was collected as a love offering that night. During the month of March we will be collecting the 1st quarter donations for the Ark Singers and you can give your cash or check to Sydney Durham or Jane Indyk. Please continue to pray for them and the people of the Ukraine.


FOOD BANK – The food bank has received a generous donation from the Sequatchie Volunteers in Medicine. The clinic closed last year and donated the $1938 remaining in their account to the food bank. The food bank also received $200 from Sequatchie Junior Pro.


-Sydney Durham and Jane Indyk for Chapel Hill Missions






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