This month we will support a local initiative called “Give a Kid a Chance”.  Students in Sequatchie County are given backpacks with school supplies which have been donated by various groups and individuals.  Our church has donated notebook paper in the past and we will again donate enough packs of paper for 250 students.  Our goal for this mission is to collect $200 to purchase paper, hopefully at a wholesale price.  This event takes place on July 18th, so the money will need to be collected during the first two weeks in July.


Other Mission News:

HANDS ON MISSION PROJECT- FOOD BUCKETS FOR LIBERIA We collected $630 and 5 buckets of food were donated.  The mission committee packed 20 more buckets for a total  of 25 buckets.  We collected enough money to pay the cost of the food, the buckets and the shipping with oly 8 cents left over - OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! Thank you for your generosity.

Bishop’s Special Collection - We collected $232 for education in South SudaJune for the Mission Offering.

Thank you,

Jane Indyk, Mission Coordinator

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