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The Bishop’s Special collection will be taken up on Sunday – May 29th and all the monies will go toward helping children in poverty in the Holston Conference.  This collection will support the following food programs, scholarships, after school programs, etc. within the Holston Conference.  Please give generously for this worthy cause.  We also have several jars around the church labeled “Change for Children”, and we ask you to put your change in the jar whenever you walk by – this money will also be used to help children.

Other Mission News:
Ark Singers –
 The situation in the Ukraine continues to be very uncertain and we need to continue to keep the Ark Singers and the people of the Ukraine in our prayers.  All monies collected for the Ark Singers are kept in America and are transmitted electronically when safe to do so.  It is now time to start collecting our 2nd quarter donation.  Money can be given to Sydney Durham or Jane Indyk or put in her mailbox until the end of June.

The Hands of Christ – We were blessed to have Chip Brake speak at our Sunday morning service on May 1st about the work going on in Honduras.  We saw slides of the progress made on building the Women’s Hospital and pictures from the medical mission trips.  Thanks to your generosity, we collected $1,016 to help with this mission.  Please continue to keep John & Dr. Ana in your prayers as they minister to the people of Honduras and continue working on building a women’s hospital.  The building project is a pay as you go undertaking, so please consider making a donation to this worthwhile project.  Donations can be sent to The Hands of Christ Inc.; Capital Campaign; P.O. Box 1252; Franklin, TN  37065.  100% of all donations to the building fund go directly to construction cost.  No general overhead or daily operating costs are paid form the building fund.

-Sydney Durham and Jane Indyk for Chapel Hill Missions






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