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June 2016 Volunteer Rotation Schedules:

Greeters: Acolytes:
June 5: Jim & Carolyn Willson
June 12: Glenn Barker & Kathy Underwood
June 19: Johnny & Sharon Cordell
June 26: Donna Knox & Betty Legg

June 5: Rayburn Layne
June 12: Jozlynn Layne

June 19: Max Newsome
June 26: Landry Carbaugh

Ushers: Bible Bearers:
June 5: Keith Blevins, Jeremy Bradford, Bill Colvin & Jane Indyk
June 12: Johnny Cordell, Keith Davis, Michael Griffith & Edward Hickey
June 19: Jeff Jones, Jeff Land, D. J. Johnson & Linda Johnson
June 26: Clint Pierce, Paul Powell, Dwayne Turner & Jim Willson
June 5: Tanner Land
June 12: Isabella Layne
June 19: Mallory Newsome
June 26: Colton Cribbs
Offertory Prayer:  Wednesday Night Refreshments:

June 5: Glenn Barker
June 12: Emma Ewton
June 19: Ben Hartman
June 26: Jeff Jones

June 1: Ethel Powell
June 8: Summer Feeding Program
June 15: Summer Feeding Program
June 22: Summer Feeding Program
June 29: Summer Feeding Program
Children’s Sermon Children’s Church:

June 5: Sarai Pierce
June 12: Dwayne Turner
June 19: Emma Bradford
June 26: Annette Brown

June 5: Jenifer Tholken & Kelsey Hall
June 12: Christa & Jeremy Bradford
June 19: Sarai & Clint Pierce
June 26: Ken Fulmer & Chandler Morrison
Trimming around Family Life Center:  Kitchen Duty: (Entire month)
Anytime during week beginning: (if needed)  
June 5: Alan G. Barker
June 12: Aaron Hughes, Seth & Caden
June 19: Paul & Margo Ulrich
June 26: Spencer & Wyatt Blevins
Ronnie & Annette Brown, Ted & Laurelee Wyatt
Altar Flowers:   
June 5: Suzanne Reid
June 12: Nancy Blair
June 19: Annette Brown
June 26: Natalie Condra



** Please be mindful that we have some youth with severe nut allergies, please do NOT send anything with any type of nuts

Wednesday Night Refreshment Volunteers:  If you need someone to serve your refreshments, please contact Ethel Powell

If you are unable to serve on the date your are scheduled, please trade your week with someone else.  If you would like to get a list of other volunteers, please feel free to contact Becky at the church office Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 12 Noon