February 2014 Volunteer Rotation Schedules:

 Greeters:                                                                                                                             Acolytes:

Feb. 2: Podney Jones, Kevin Jones, Ted & Laurelee Wyatt                             Feb. 2: Baron Cribbs
Feb. 9: Podney Jones, Kevin Jones, Glenn Barker & John Barker                     Feb. 9: Maddie Ashburn 
Feb. 16: Podney Jones, Kevin Jones, Paul Powell & Dennis Carbaugh            Feb. 16: Landry Carbaugh
Feb. 23: Podney Jones, Kevin Jones, Dwayne Turner & Keith Blevins          Feb. 23: Chloe Griffith

 Ushers:                                                                                                                                  Bible Bearers:

Feb. 2: Stanley Barker, Travis Cordell, Johnny Cordell & Michael Griffith         Feb. 2:  Colton Cribbs
Feb. 9: Bill Colvin, 
Ronnie Brown, Jeff Jones & D.J. Johnson                                  Feb. 9: Bailey Sims 
Feb. 16: Glenn Barker, Paul Powell, Keith Davis & Tommy Austin                           Feb. 16: Kate Cordell
Feb. 23: Jeff Land, Dwayne Turner, Bill Legg & Keith Blevins                                    Feb. 23: Evan Griffith


Offertory Prayer:                                                    Wednesday Night Refreshments **

Feb. 2: Paul Powell                                                                       Feb. 5: Debbie Barker & Martha Barker
Feb. 9: Jeff Land                                                                            Feb. 12: Mava Allen & Linda Sukowski
Feb. 16: Dwayne Turner                                                             Feb. 19: Ethel & Paul Powell
Feb. 23: Tommy Austin                                                             Feb. 26: Annette Brown & Liz Wilson
Children’s Church:                                                                                   Children’s Sermon:                                                        

Feb.   2: Clint & Sarai Pierce                                                    There will be no children’s sermon
Feb. 9: Michelle Camp & Taylor Goodwin                                   during the month of February
Feb. 16: Lynna Griffith & Nancy Blair
Feb. 23: Michelle & Curtis Haman                                                                                         

Lawn Care:  has been suspended for the season                                                         Kitchen Duty: (entire month)
We will have sign-ups in the spring                                                                                Volunteers Needed

 Altar Flowers:

Jan. 5: Linda Johnson
Jan. 12: Fran McCain
Feb. 16: Sue Manley
Feb. 23: Karen Green



If you would like to add your name to any of the above lists, please contact Becky at the church office, Mon-Fri 8-12 (CDT) to sign up.