History Leaves of the Methodist Tree – April 2017

History Leaves of the Methodist Tree
compiled by Johnny Cordell

Excerpts from the Journal of Rev William H Cooper Transcribed by Bradley H. Scott

This is the conclusion of the selected daily entries from Rev Cooper’s Journal, “Circuit rider” in the Holston Conference in 1968.  His original spellings are retained, including an occasional “f” for an “s”.                                                                                                                                               

June 14th:  Two Day’s Meeting at Station Creek, funeral of Old Father Lay deceased.  Absolum Loyd perhaps four children Baptised.  One ascefsion , & considerable interest perhaps 400 persons in attendance.  $7.25 cts.  Contributed as a Conference Collection.  Funeral Discouses by R. Steele, & J.D. Baldwin.                                                                                                                     

June 26. To 29th.   Highly Interesting:  Wm. Robeson presiding:  Ministers present, P.S. Sutton, F.A. Farley, J.W Bird,  J.D. Baldwin, D.H Carr, D.R. Smith, Stephen J. Harrison,  Reubin Steele, W.L. Turner, J.T. Loyd, Arthur Ely, and Wm H. Cooper.  The Sunday School Exhibition was quite entertaining.  Addrefses by Wm Roberson & D.S Sutton.  Contributions by S.S. School $8.65ct.s March & Singing Beautiful & animating.  120 officers, Teachers, & Pupils.  Added to the Church Sarah Elizabeth Richmond.  C.C. J. Aston’s three children baptized.  An excellent Sacrement on Sunday night.  A gracious lovefeast on Monday morning.  Instructive, enerergtic preaching.  Much important businefs pertaining to the Church Transacted.  Together with many other items of interest.  Such as raising $10.  Bishop’s money & c, & c.                                                  

June 23rd   Was out near setting of the sun feeding my horse, heard a hollowing or hailing at the jail.  raised my eyes & looked, Saw a man running from the jail at full speed.  He had stolen a fine mare in KY, brought to Va, was pursued, arrested & committed to jail.  Was taken out that he might be carried back to Ky for trial.  Broke to run, was shot at first by the jailer who mifsed him, then by the man who arrested him, The shot striking him in the left ear, proding death in 15 or 20 minutes.  Haried sight indeed, a poor horse thief shot down suddenly without any preparation for death.                                                                                                                            

July 3.
  Was passing a Church near Flat Lick Scott Co. (belonging to Denomination usually known as Campbellites) which so escorted my curiosity that I lit and escamined it that I might get some of its Dimensions.                                                                                                                            

July 11.  Began a two days meeting at Green Hill, Jonesville ct. in connection with Rev. J.D. Baldwin.  The meeting was truly interesting.  Closing on Monday evening five conversions, Nine Ascfsions, a number of the membership much revived.  On Monday night Blessed be God I received the greatest blessing had for some months.  Three adults & one infant baptized!  To god be all the Glory!  Amen!                                                                                                                  

Sept 4th. This day I completed the Reading of a work on Divine Providence, Written by William Morelock; D.D. Containing Pages 336; which deem one of the ablest productions I have ever escamined; few books in my humble judgement; (the Bible escepted) are calculated to impart more important information; & solid happpinefs to the Reader.  I can heartily recommend it to all persons in quest of true happinefs in this life; if they will give it a thorough escamination; it will much better reconcile them to their condition in life, be it what it may; provided they are true followers of Christ & have honestly endeavored to make the best of life they pofsibly could.  This Book in connected with the four volumes Mr. Wesley’s sermons; I have read since I came to the Circuit, other books, newspapers, c, & c. Oh!  May God, whom I serve in the spirit of his son, make me wise unto salvation.                                                                                         

Sept. 5th.  Begun our Campmeeting, which continued four days ending on Tuesday evening.  Resulting in about 35 conversions & forty accefsions during the year.  Some of the penitents very very singularly affected having the jerks very violently; the like of which, I have seldom, or never seen to the extent; attended in some instances with cramps & c.  Many of the people of this community were remarkable wicked; and I have thought something of this kind was necefsary to convince the sinner of the reality of Religion.  Some of those who had the jerks were rather scoffers of Religian.                                                                                                                
Sources:  Holston Historic Heritage Vol. 1. No. 2                                                                
Next article will be “Mysteries of the Cemetery”          

Answer to last month’s Question:  Tom Tucker 15 years.  John Alley had   13 years of service with three different appointments.  He was also the son-in-law of Allen Kirklin who donated the land for the original church.                                                                               

Question:  During 1863, what   two famous generals and future U.S. President traveled by the original church.