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March 2012

DUNLAP, TN 37327


March 2012

Church website:
Email address:
Church office phone: 423-949-4847 (Mon-Fri 8AM-12PM CST)
Pastor Tom Tucker: 423-785-6671 or 423-949-3423

Service Times

Sunday Morning Prayer 8:45 AM
Sunday school 9:00 AM
Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 AM
Sunday Evening Worship 5:00 PM

Wednesday Night Bible Study 6:00 PM
and Youth Programs


You know what my favorite thing is about the month of March? It brings in spring time. In fact, March 20, is the first day of spring. I like spring because everything starts to come alive. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year. I always look forward to its arrival.

Another exciting thing about the arrival of March; Easter is only four weeks away. This year Palm Sunday, which begins Easter week, is April 1. I want to challenge each of you to use these four weeks to prepare yourselves to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Set aside a few minutes each day to reflect upon the events of Easter. Think about the great love Jesus has for us all. Remember his suffering and sacrifice and begin to rejoice. Search your hearts and empty yourself of anything holding you back for having the fullness of God in your life. We will have a lot of opportunities for worship that week so prepare yourself to take full advantage of them. This year get ready for Easter, the most exciting event on the Christian calendar and you will be glad you did.

It’s my prayer you have a blessed month. I hope you will make the effort to be in church every Sunday as well as all the other times we gather. There is no substitute for worship and fellowship. I will see you in worship Sunday!


Chapel Hill Youth Page

From the Secretary/Editor’s Desk of Becky Tholken

Hello All!

As we complete March, we also complete the first quarter of 2012. Wow! It also marks 6 months for me as Chapel Hill’s secretary/Editor of the Son-shine newsletter. Thank you for the privilege of serving as the secretary of this wonderful congregation. As we enter into April, we will begin the construction of our new Family Life Center.

See you next month, Becky

On Sunday, January 29, Patsy Barker of “Sisters in Christ” gave special recognition to those that
read the Bible completely through in 2011. (Not pictured Liz Wilson) They each received a small
frame with the scripture verse “…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ.” 2 Peter 3:18.





This is in loving memory of Leon Stewart. Leon went on to be with the Lord on February 5. Leon
was a member at Chapel Hill for many, many years. He will be greatly missed. Our prayers are with his family during this
difficult time.



Baby Shower in honor of Marissa Keener will be held on Saturday, March 24 from 2-4 PM at the Citizens
Tri-County Training Center. Marissa is registered at Wal-Mart, Target and Babies R Us stores.




The 2012 Chapel Hill Directory is hot off the printing presses. Please contact the Becky at the church office,
(423)949-4847 between 8AM- 12 Noon (CST) if you have not already obtained your directory and would like to
receive one.





Attendance Offerings Building Fund
2011 2012 2011 2012 Campaign

196 169 $4,175 $3,469 $4,455

151 152 $2,694 $3,470 $1,155

211 105 $3,360 $3,559 $8,210

171 123 $3,564 $2,585 $ 460



Mar. 4 – Floyd & Lorene Dowdy, 22 years
Mar. 13 – Betty Austin, 46 years
Mar. 18 – Joanne Veatch, 5 years
Mar. 20 – Glynn & Joan Wilson, 35 years
Mar. 21 – Vickie Fields, 13 years
Mar. 22 – Ed Carbaugh, 5 years
Mar. 23 – Catherine Allen and Shelly Keener, both 9 years
Mar. 27 – Kim Slaughter, 7 years
Mar. 30 – Larry Lockhart, 37 years
Mar. 31 – Amanda Dees and Samuel Dees, both 16 years

I just wanted to thank each and every person who supported the Ark
Singers with their prayers, gifts, and presence at Chapel Hill UMC
Sunday evening, Feb. 19, 2012.

It was a great time of fellowship and worship as they provided their
music and voices in songs of praise to God. The pictures of the work
they have been able to do and continue to do with the children at the
orphanage, the church camps they hold, and the churches they are
planting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ was just great.

The smiles on the children’s faces and the pictures they shared of their ministry is a testament to their work in the Ukraine, Russia, Moldova,
and other places in the world.

Although we may not get to now fully see the fruits of our support, someday, we will as we stand before Christ our Lord. Again, thanks to everyone for their involvement.

We were able to give them a check for $2,439.80. This included previous gifts taken for our 1st quarter collection and the monies given Sunday evening.

Servant of the Month

It gives me great pleasure to name March’s Servant of the Month¸ Mark Allen. Mark is a long time member of Chapel Hill and very deserving of being servant of the month. He has served the church in many capacities and currently serves as Sunday school superintendent. He has been in this position for several years and is doing a great job. He is responsible for recruiting teachers, insuring all of our curriculum is ordered, and maintains our Sunday school fund. Mark, your church wants to thank you for being so faithful to the Lord. On behalf of all the church “Thanks for all you do!”



Mission News for March 2012

It’s time for our Holston Conference Hands-0n Mission Project for 2012. As in previous years, this is critical support for our missionaries working in Zimbabwe and Liberia because our supplies provide their necessities for the entire year. This year we will be packing food buckets for Maria Humbane in Zimbabwe. The Chattanooga District goal is 300 buckets, so we plan to pack 10-15 buckets. Please support us with your contributions, by helping us shop, by packing food buckets, or by delivering food buckets to Brainerd United Methodist Church on Thursday June 7. We will be collecting money and shopping in March, April, and May and packing late in May.

Each food bucket will contain:

1 5-lb. bag of corn meal 1 5-lb. bag of sugar

1 5-lb. bag of flour 1 2-lb. bag of rice

1 2-lb. bag of dried beans 1 box of tea bags (24 count)

1 box powdered milk (9 0z.) 1 bottle cooking oil (48 0z.)

1 small box Splenda 1 2-lb. canned ham

Please give your contributions to Jane or Bill and contact Jane (949-4034) or Dureta (949-2580) with your offers to help.

Dureta for Chapel Hill Missions

Volunteer Rotation Schedule
for month of March

Greeters: Acolytes:


Mar 4: Podney Jones, Kevin Jones, Harold & Marcia Bibb Mar. 4 Evan Griffith

Mar 11: Podney Jones, Kevin Jones, Stephanie Allen and David Lewis Mar. 11 Sidney Dennis

Mar 18: Podney Jones, Kevin Jones, Liz Wilson & Emma Ewton Mar. 18 Ireland Burch

Mar 25: Podney Jones, Kevin Jones, Barry Kimsey & Darvin Harvey Mar. 25 Vivian Long

Ushers: Bible Bearers:


Mar 4: Jeff Jones, Bill Colvin, D.J. Johnson & Frank Ryle Mar 4 Chloe Griffith

Mar 11: Stanley Barker, Johnny Cordell, Tommy Austin & Barry Kimsey Mar 11 Jesyca Dennis

Mar 18: Paul Powell, Jeremy Bradford, Keith Davis & Keith Blevins Mar 18 Jenifer Tholken

Mar 25: Jeff Land, Edward Hickey, Ronnie Brown & Glenn Barker Mar 25 Ava Long


Offertory Prayer: Wednesday Night Refreshments


Mar 4: Neal Ashburn Mar. 7 Mava Allen

Mar 11: Emma Ewton Mar. 14 Rose Moore

Mar 18: Bill Colvin Mar. 21 Annette Brown & Liz Wilson

Mar 25: Tommy Austin Mar. 28 Martha Austin


Children’s Church: Children’s Sermon:

Mar 4: Michelle Camp & Taylor Goodwin Mar 4: Annette Brown

Mar 11: Lynna Griffith & Nancy Blair Mar 11: Christa Bradford

Mar 18: Justin & Lori Pendergraft Mar 18: Sarai Carbaugh

Mar 25: Charles & Shirley Barker Mar 25: Dawn Jones


Kitchen Duty:

Annette Brown, Tommy & Martha Austin


If you are unable to serve on the date you are scheduled, please trade your week with someone else. If you would like to get a list of others, please feel free to contact Becky at the church office Monday – 8AM to 12Noon

Administrative Board Meeting
February 12, 2011

The Administrative Board of Chapel Hill UMC met on Sunday, February 12 at 4:00 PM. The following members were in attendance: Mark Allen, Jane Indyk, Bill Colvin, Rev. Tom Tucker, Greg & Becky Tholken, Jeff Jones, Sarai Carbaugh, Fran Chapman, Jim & Anne Ellis, Shirley Barker, Glen & Patsy Barker, Harold & Marcia Bibb, Sharon Cordell, Paul & Ethel Powell. Attendees: Chandler Morrison & Lee Chapman

The meeting was called to order by chairman, Glenn Barker who also gave the opening prayer.

Administrative Board Meeting minutes of January 15 were distributed. Jane Indyk mentioned that the January Mission report was omitted from the minutes. Jan. Mission report will be added to February’s minutes. The minutes were accepted as written.

Jeff Jones reported that the balance in the general fund is $59,862 which reflects a decline of approximately $5K. Building fund currently at $244,463 cash, $272,300 stock included.

Sarai Carbaugh had no report of the staff/parish relations, and that appointment decisions will be early March.

Paul Powell reported on behalf of the Trustees that they are awaiting a report about the roof issues.

Annette Brown, the Evangelism team is gearing up for Revival to be held Feb. 26-29 with guest speaker, Evangelist, Rev. Brent Hall of Concord UMC. Rev. Hall excited about Revival. Ad will be placed in newspaper announcing Revival Services. We will have a time of fellowship following Sunday’s Revival service.

Ethel Powell for Discipleship, they will be presenting some new ideas following Revival.

Annette Brown had no news to report on behalf of the Evangelism Committee.

Jane Indyk for Missions, Jan. & Feb. reports to be included in March report. 2012 Mission Plan is available. February– The ARK Singers will be with us on Sunday, Feb. 19 during the evening service with a soup & sandwich supper to follow. March-Youth Mission Sunday, start collecting food for “Hands On” project. April-continue collecting food for “Hands On” project. May-Mission Sunday, May 6. Pack food buckets for Marie Humbane in Zimbabwe. June-Bishop’s collection for Vietnam, Camp Lookout starts. July-start publicity for Operation Shoe Box, youth mission trip to Dominican Republic with Greg Bartley & SCORE International, Camp Lookout continues. August-Shoes for Orphan Souls, confirm mission team to work at Operation Shoebox Distribution Center. Sept.-Deliver s “Shoes for Orphan Souls”, begin preparations for Bake/Craft Sale in Oct. Oct.-Bake/Craft sale in conjunction with annual Men’s BBQ on Oct. 20. Nov.-Pack & deliver shoeboxes, Mission team goes to Distribution Center. Dec.-Christmas gifts to mission of choice. Minutes from January 15 meeting-February ARK Singers, local volunteer opportunities, March will have a youth missions evening. April/May begin “Hands On” project, May we will hold a missions Sunday on first Sunday, May 6. June, Bishop’s special collection/ Camp Lookout, July, youth mission trip to Dom. Rep., Aug. shoes for orphan souls, Oct. BBQ, Nov. pack shoeboxes, Dec. Christmas gifts to missions of choice.

Annette gave Seekers report, looking to select a better name, welcome pkgs. for visitors. Will draft up a follow-up letter for visitors.

Shirley Barker for Nurture care, Kitchen duty signups went well, still need volunteers for months of Aug., Nov. & Dec. Also, if a need to visit a shut-in is known, please contact Becky in the office or Shirley. Visitation to shut-ins is a church wide opportunity.

Fran Chapman for Food Bank, Food Bank Sunday is 3rd Sunday of each month. In transition period of secretary change, it has been inadvertently omitted from schedule. Request to put back on schedule. Food donations to food bank are down. Request for palm fronds to be available for Palm Sunday. Mention of Walker’s Flowers & Gifts may have them free of charge.

Rev. Tucker on behalf of “Call to Action” currently working on it, hope to have an outline by end of March.

Mark Allen reported that Lisa Barker is now teaching college class on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, Ester Barker leads H.S. age class on Sunday mornings and looking for possible substitutes for vacations. Sarai Carbaugh is leading H.S. on Wednesdays. Ann Hale is requesting shelving for library, Greg offered to assemble bookshelf once purchased.

Becky reported that the screen for A/V laptop was accidently cracked and needs replacement. David Boston can replace for $160 labor included. Voted to have repaired by David. Greg reported that portable CD player is no longer usable, and he suggested a rack system cd player be purchased for $249 w/ many church recommendations on item. Greg made a motion, with a 2nd by Paul Powell. Unanimous vote to order CD player. Greg also said that he repaired the baseboards in basement, and no money is needed.

Patsy Barker reported on behalf of Sisters in Christ, pecans are still available at bank branches, more members to join Sisters in Christ needed. They sent Valentines to widows of church members, beginning book “Nearing Home” by Rev. Billy Graham on Monday, Feb. 13. On another note, she received 100+ pairs of eyeglasses to be taken to Africa by Dr. Don Mabry.

Glenn Barker reported on behalf of UMM, that the pavilion wiring is roughed-in and ready to finish.

Jim Ellis on behalf of new building, nothing to report until start of project begins in April. Glenn Barker made motion to approve submitted cost of $12,788, with 2nd by Greg Tholken. The vote was passed unanimously. Ground breaking will take place for Phase I on April 1 at 12 noon. Hope to have a newspaper reporter present.

Marcia Bibb for the scrapbook, needs photos, Lisa Barker to submit H.S. Resurrection photos, and Sarai Carbaugh to submit M.S. Resurrection photos.

Rev. Tucker, pastors report, he is finished with continuing education, excited about Missions, Revival and Family Life Center.

Chandler Morrison presented a power point regarding a possible youth rally/concert. He requested use of property as venue for rally, and permission to proceed with planning of event. Request to have insurance up to date to hold an event on property, possible use of bleachers, chairs from other area churches, and accommodations at hotel availability during proposed dates for event needs, also maybe have host homes instead of hotel accommodations for bands involved. Patsy Barker motioned to proceed with plans for rally, with 2nd by Fran Chapman. Unanimous vote to proceed.

Rev. Tom Tucker closed meeting with prayer at 4:55

Family Life Center

On Sunday, January 15, Jeff Jones gave a power point presentation for the construction of the

New Family Life Center building campaign. The first phase of this project includes concrete, retaining wall, electrical & plumbing. A projected sum of $448,000 to complete this phase was announced, beginning the campaign, with a initial amount of $211,00 in the building fund. He also announced that we will break ground for this first phase on Sunday, April 1.

The building committee sent out a letter announcing this campaign, which includes a petition for prayer during this initial campaign. Bookmarks with a prayer focus were included with the bulletin on Sunday, January 22.

Prayer Focus:

1. God will reveal His will to us in the proposed building of the new Family Life Center of the church.

2. Celebrate what God has done and what will be done and pray for those whose lives can be touched and changed through the ministry of this church.

3. The ministry of this church will be enhanced so that lives can be changed and souls saved through this project.

4. He will give us a vision of what God wants the church to be in the future.

5. He will give the leaders of this church wisdom and discernment in the decisions to be made concerning the progression of building the Family
Life Center.

6. Pray that we place our confidence in God and what He can do and rely on His strength to accomplish what He desires to be done.

7. Pray that God will reveal the part that He wishes each one of us to play in this building project and help us to accept our assignment.

8. Pray that God will help us be faithful and obedient to Him.

9. Pray that we hear and answer God’s call and that everything that we do be for His glory, honor and approval.

*Updates on the monies received can be found on the church website along with the video presentation Jeff Jones made on January 15, 2012. under the Family Life Center page.

Birthday, Anniversarie Calendars can be found on the Birthday & Anniversarie pages

Activities for the month can be found on the Activities page

Revival 2012

Featured Revival Speaker Evangelist Rev. Brent Hall

Contemporary Group Sunday Evening

Sunday Evening testimony by Melissa Richardson

Monday Evening soloist: Greg Tholken

Monday night personal testimony by Chris Clemmer

Tuesday evening soloist: Eric Beavers

Tuesday evening testimony by Kathy Ewton Underwood

Wednesday evening soloist: Shannon Land

Wednesday evening testimony by: Karly Cordell